​We are always looking for humble, compassionate, and reliable team members. 

Current Staff Opportunities

Contact: Stephanie at skor.journeyon@gmail.com

Who is Journey On?

Journey On’s Mission is to support individuals experiencing trauma due to houselessness or suicide loss in the Rapid City area of South Dakota through critical incident response, collaborative street outreach, case management, and culturally responsive programming. We envision a community that works together to alleviate the underlying causes of poverty (e.g., mental health issues, addiction, abuse, neglect, inequality) through providing human-to-human contact, establishing relationships with our relatives on the street, and meeting core human needs. Our vision is the creation of sustainable change in the lives of Rapid City community members working toward improved safety, security, quality of life, and permanent self-sufficiency for all vulnerable community members. 

It is observed that in any great endeavor, it is not enough for a person to depend solely on himself.

Lakota Proverb