Our Mission

To support individuals experiencing trauma due to houselessness or suicide loss in the Rapid City area of South Dakota through critical incident response, collaborative street outreach, case management, and culturally responsive programming.

​Street Outreach Services

We provide human-to-human contact when establishing relationships with our relatives on the street. We deliver daily outreach to build relationships and to distribute basic necessities of food and water, clothing, blankets, hygiene products, and personal protective equipment. We assess service-ready individuals, co-respond for crisis intervention, provide and facilitate service referrals, provide transportation to safe locations in the community as well as getting relatives to medical appointments and court appearances.

Service Recipients

​We work with individuals who are houseless or at risk of becoming houseless who could benefit from supportive interactions with credible messengers who understand their challenges.


​Street Outreach is a process of building a personal connection (engagement) that may play a role in helping a person improve his or her housing, health status, and/or social support network. Our engagement begins from the believe that understanding the needs of homeless can build the positive relationship necessary to gain their trust. Trust is vital to the success of this program. Through trusting relationships, many chronically homeless people have moved from the streets to permanent housing and toward independence.

It is observed that in any great endeavor, it is not enough for a person to depend solely on himself.

Lakota Proverb