Street Outreach

The Street Team Outreach Program at Journey On seeks to fill a persistent need in Rapid City for community-initiated responses to public safety needs.

The model of community intervention on which the Street Outreach program is based has experienced considerable success in targeted neighborhoods of Newark, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California. The model is one of engagement — the act of meeting people where they are and building a relationship of trust and mutual respect with the goal of the individual accepting further services to achieve violence reduction, permanent shelter, and self-sufficiency.

Our Street Outreach Services:

We deliver daily outreach for the distribution of basic necessities of food, water, hygiene products, and assistance to community service partners and medical transportation.

Our Service Recipients:

Individuals who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, who are struggling with alcohol and substance abuse, experiencing a behavioral health crisis, or engaging in disruptive behavior associated related to homelessness, intoxication or behavioral health episodes.