Our Mission

The LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) Team and Suicide Support Services are dedicated to providing postvention support in He Sapa (Sacred Black Hills) of South Dakota to those who have tragically lost a loved one to suicide through crisis response, long-term support programming, and prevention training.


The LOSS Team is a first responder service collaborating with law enforcement on the scene where death by suicide has occurred to offer immediate bereavement services for suicide loss. The active postvention model of the LOSS Team comprises paid and volunteer staff with intimate knowledge of suicide grief and loss from personal experience. In addition to on-scene crisis support, the LOSS Team works with the newly bereaved for a minimum of one year.

  • A LOSS Team comprises of trained suicide loss survivors and sometimes other concerned community members that go to the scene of suicide to support those left behind.
  • A LOSS Team at the scene of suicide provides loss survivors with practical support and a connection to resources. But, most importantly, they give an instillation of hope.
  • Having someone who has lost a loved one to suicide introduce themselves, who is dressed, functioning, and in a position to support a newly bereaved person, plants seeds of hope. By simply saying, “I lost a loved one to suicide,” a volunteer gives permission for the recently bereaved to use the word suicide.

Survivors of Suicide Support Group (SOS)

Our monthly group is a survivor-led bereavement group specifically for people 18+ impacted by death to suicide. The group focuses on learning how to cope, heal, and recover with a community of others who have experienced suicide loss. The support group is a safe space to explore the challenges of suicide grief in a survivor’s timeframe. The group meets on the fourth Saturday of each month from 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. at 504 E. Monroe Street.

8-week class “Understanding your Suicide Grief”

Survivors of suicide lead the free 8-week class to assist new survivors in understanding the grief process, finding hope, and promoting healing. The class is offered once in the spring and once in the fall and is open to anyone 18+. 

“Because we care…”

"Each year Journey On hosts a weekend Annual Retreat In November..."

Survivors of Suicide Annual Retreat

Each year Journey On hosts a weekend Annual Retreat in November, coinciding with International Survivors of Suicide Day.  The retreat allows connection, rest, rejuvenation, hope, and sharing of laughter and sorrow in a supportive environment. 

Suicide Prevention Education

Journey On LOSS Team educates schools, churches, businesses, and the community on suicide prevention, intervention, and suicide loss. For more scheduling information, please call (605) 519-1066.